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Exams at Private Visits – what’s changing

Private Visit exams take place at a venue organised by the applicant.

If you have had a Private Visit before, then your local ABRSM representative will be in touch to discuss arrangements. If you have not organised a Private Visit before, contact your local representative who will talk you through the process.

Our new exam booking service allows you to:

  • Easily book candidates at your Private Visit.
  • Use our new online timetabling tool – a simple way to arrange your exam day(s).

What you need to know

New terminology
  • Private Visit is the new name for visits.
  • Visit Organisers organise and book Private Visits. The Visit Organiser is responsible for organising the Private Visit venue, discussing possible dates with their local ABRSM representative and then sharing the Private Visit Venue Code with any Permitted Applicants. Visit Organisers are also responsible for finalising the timetable and for sharing this information with their candidates and any Permitted Applicants.
  • Permitted Applicants are exam applicants who have received permission from a Visit Organiser to book their candidates at a Private Visit.
  • Venue Codes allow us to identify Private Visits on our system. Once we have approved a Private Visit venue and it appears on our system, we will give it a code. The Visit Organiser will need to share this code with any Permitted Applicants, who will need to enter the code when they book their candidates at the Private Visit.
Private Visit venue approval
  • As a Visit Organiser you may need to request approval for your Private Visit venue before you can make a booking. This applies to practical and Music Theory Private Visits. We are introducing this process to make sure all exam venues meet our standards.
  • Please talk to your local representative to find out if you need to request approval.
  • You can request venue approval via your new online account. You only need to request approval for your venue once. If we give approval, this will apply for all your future Private Visits at that venue.
  • The online venue approval process takes up to eight working days.
No late bookings at Private Visits
  • Visit Organisers and any Permitted Applicants can book candidates into a Private Visit until the end of the booking period. We are unable to accept additional candidate bookings once the booking period has closed.

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