COVID-19 - latest exam updates

A message from our Chief Executive – our future plans

Results and mark forms

  • We are introducing digital mark forms for all practical graded exams and ARSM exams.
  • You will receive your practical and ARSM results more quickly, usually within a week of the exam, subject to quality assurance checks.
  • Music Theory results will also be available online.

Receiving results

Results and practical mark forms will be available via your online account.

  • Practical mark forms will be available as PDFs which are clear to read and simple to download, save, forward and print.
  • We will release your practical mark forms as soon as the results are ready to view.
  • The new mark forms will look very similar to the current paper forms, but comments will appear as type rather than handwriting.
  • Candidates with an account will be able to access their results and practical mark forms seven days after we have released the result to the applicant.

Some things about results and certificates are staying the same.

  • We will continue to send graded exam and ARSM certificates in the post.
  • For Music Theory exams we will continue to send paper marks forms containing the breakdown of results in the post with certificates. You will be able to view overall results for Music Theory exams via your online account as soon as we have released them.
  • Examiners will continue to write Prep Test and Performance Assessment certificates during the exam, handing them to performers at the end of their assessment.

In the exam

From 2021, all examiners will be using our new specially created examiner app to deliver and mark practical exams. Although examiners will be working in a different way, the exam experience for all candidates will stay the same.

  • During the exam, examiners will use an iPad to complete mark forms for practical graded exams and ARSM exams.
  • The app will automatically audio record exams, providing us with recordings to help with quality assurance, examiner training and enquiries about results. The recording happens automatically and will not disturb or interrupt the exam in any way. Recordings are for internal use only so will not be available to applicants or candidates.
  • All iPads used by our examiners will have the camera function disabled.

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